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Employee Management

Maintain the complete biodata of your employees with FlowHCM Employee Management Software.

Attendance Management

Improve your employees’ productivity and efficiency with the help of the industry’s most advanced Time & Attendance Management System.

Leave Management

Go paperless and automate your entire leave management process with this robust Module.

Payroll Management

Make your payroll ready as per the local tax structure, company policy, and statutory requirements with a single click by using the FlowHCM payroll module.

Recruitment Management

Hire the best candidate with our Recruitment Management Module. This module makes finding, recruiting/hiring, and tracking new applicants easier and more accurate.

Performance Management

Performance Appraisal Module plays a pivotal role in enabling companies to automate and simplify their employees’ performance appraisal

Expense Management

Digitize your employee expense claims & reimbursements, expenses such as official traveling, food, medical, and others, with our Expense Management module.

HR Letters Management

This module lets you automate the process of generating HR/Employee letters and create customizable letter templates such as job offers, increments, etc.

Training Management

The Training Management Module of FlowHCM helps to manage all training or learning activities for HR development while enabling individuals and organizations to monitor the learning activities.

Separation Management

The Separation or off-boarding process of employees is easy now. This intuitive module covers the whole cycle of end-to-end exit from acceptance letter, exit interview, and employee clearance to full and final settlement.

Scheduled Reports Management

Advanced & automated Reporting engine that can easily be configured to send daily, weekly & monthly reports through email by defining specific days & times.

Scheduled Alerts Management

This reliable Scheduled Alerts Module is designed specifically for auto alerts and intimations, such as birthdays, work anniversaries, consecutively three days absenteeism, etc.

Manpower Management

FlowHCM Manpower/Workforce planning tool enables HR and the management to identify & forecast upcoming manpower requirements of businesses.

Help Desk Management

A centralized solution to manage all your admin/IT tasks. This module can be used to track, organize and resolve employees’ issues by the management.

Travel Management

FlowHCM Travel Management Module simplifies the entire trip life cycle management, from travel requests & approvals through planning to arrangements.

Onboarding Management

Employee Onboarding module is a tool that enables you to get your new hires inside your company before their first day. This module like FlowHCM has in place, you can take care of all the mundane tasks of joining a company for your new hires and make sure new employees stay cheerful. It helps them thrive from day one.

Business Intelligent Software

Comprehensive Analytical Dashboard

Discover the game-changing Comprehensive Analytical Dashboard for HR Software that is revolutionizing the way organizations manage their human resources. Our cutting-edge solution empowers HR professionals like never before, providing them with an all-encompassing view of their workforce data. With intuitive data visualizations and real-time analytics, our dashboard is the ultimate tool for making informed decisions, optimizing workforce efficiency, and driving strategic initiatives.



Introducing FlowHCM, Pakistan's first AI-based Voice-Driven HCMS/HRMS. This groundbreaking system streamlines HR tasks, from onboarding to payroll, using AI and voice recognition. Customizable for any organization, FlowHCM ensures efficiency, accuracy, and data security. Employees can access self-service options with voice commands, simplifying HR processes and enhancing productivity. Experience the future of HR management with FlowHCM, optimizing workflows and engagement.

Fastest Growing HR Software

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